Excavators come in large and small sizes, and they can be used for a very wide range of activities. For the most part, they are used for constructing trenches, excavating work sites, loading materials from sites and even demolishing structures. This versatility makes an excavator quite a valuable machine to have when carrying out anything from trenching to major civil works.

Makes work easier

Excavators help reduce complexity of construction work to a great extent. For one, they reduce risk because dangerous sites such as embankments and slopes can be worked on from a safe distance. This is made possible by the long arms of an excavator, separating the worker from the actual site. Excavators also reduce disruption of work sites due to their track chain movement. This provides for a 180 – 360 degrees rotation of the excavator. This means that an excavator can operate over a large area without making much movement, thus reducing disruption of the site.

Even quality work

When it comes to excavating and trenching, excavators provide excellent grading. This is because excavators provide a fixed angle of excavation thanks to the hydraulic boom. This reduces human error, and in most cases, repeated grading is not necessary, especially when trenching. Even grading not only improves the aesthetics when it comes to site preparation, it also guarantees better structural stability. Some excavators today are even fitted with laser technology that provides for controlled grading.

Can be used for different tasks

Excavators are fitted with standard buckets for scooping material and digging. However, the buckets can be replaced with alternatives of bigger sizes if the job at hand requires it. When it comes to collection of materials such as timber, metal pipes or concrete blocks, an excavator’s bucket can be replaced with a claw to provide the clasping function needed. They can also be fitted with hydraulic hammers when there’s need to crush rock during excavation. This speeds up the excavation process as the crushed rock is easier to extract.

Due to the immense power of excavators, they are also used to demolish structures. In construction, this comes in handy when existing structures have to be pulled down to pave way for construction. Excavators can also be used to clear land by uprooting trees and other vegetation.

The ability to use excavators for so many applications makes them a resourceful addition in any construction process. Unlike many other machines, excavators are handy right from the site preparation process through to post-construction during site cleanup. If you are planning to undertake any construction, think about excavator hire to make your work much easier.

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